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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Pennsylvania "Operation Outcry: Silent No More" members Maureen, Karen, Amy, David, Lydia, and Stephanie will be sharing their abortion grief testimonies today, Saturday, August 21, from the Rock for Life stage at the Purple Door music festival at Ski Roundtop in Lewisberry, PA.

UPDATE, by way of Karen:
8.25.04 – Rock for Life at Purple Door
"We received a really cool email the other day from a young woman who is pregnant. Up until very recently, she was contemplating an abortion against her boyfriend's wishes. Obviously the coolest thing is that she decided to keep her baby and is now three months pregnant. What is also cool is that she was at Purple Door where she visited our stage and our booth. There she heard the testimonies of our Silent No More post-abortive speakers, who were sharing with the crowd their personal stories of abortion. These are women who went through their abortions and have experienced much shame and guilt. They have since been through counseling and are out warning other women of post-abortion trauma.

"This young woman listened to the Silent No More women and realized how close she came to making that decision and is very thankful that she did not. She thanked us for being there, having the Silent No More women speak, and for distributing our pro-life t-shirts and hoodies. She says these t-shirts 'had a big impact on me.'"

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