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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A post-abortion ministry service in Texas, started by Operation Outcry: Silent No More member Molly White, has some great news to spread that will enable them to reach out to more post-abortive women and men in their state:

"Living The Redeemed Life (LTRL) Ministries now has an office space: nearly 2,000 sq.ft., with a landlord who has worked in CPCs and in the pro-life movement. He has given us a reduced rate and a contract for a year at that rate. He is also willing to work with us on the rent if we end up in some type of need.

"Also, LTRL is getting ready to embark on a mass media campaign with TV and radio commercials titled “Before You Decide, Listen to Your Heart.” These commercials will feature clips of 5 women’s testimonies about their abortions and will have endings that say, “Pregnant and Need Help? Call [the appropriate hotline #]..." and “Hurt by Abortion and Need Help? Call..."

"We also have been blessed by the Lord with a generous donor who has committed $70,000.00 to advertising (including 16 billboards to run over a 4 month period). We will host a publicity event/press conference to introduce this new and original campaign. These professionally-done commercials will also be available for other markets."

Gee, I wish we could see stuff like this generosity in Connecticut and every state. I would choke if I ever saw 16 billboards along I-95 for this kind of ministry. Just imagine, having this many people see them: maybe about 157,000 drivers daily on I-95 just from Westport to the NYS border alone (a mere 22 miles), not to mention about 240,000 MetroNorth railway riders to/from Manhattan each weekday.

Makes me wish I had $70,000 (or whatever it costs in CT vs. TX).

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