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Monday, August 23, 2004

Pro-life Politicians armed with new pro-woman facts and arguments.

Springfield, IL (Aug 23, 2004) -- A recent nationally representative opinion poll (+/- 4 percentage points) has found that 86 percent of American adults believe significant emotional problems after an abortion are common or very common. Only 16 percent of those polled believed that abortion generally makes women's lives better. About half stated that it is common or very common for women to feel pressured into unwanted abortions.

The poll was commissioned by the Elliot Institute, which specializes in medical research and public education regarding abortion's impact on women. Results from the poll are included in the Political Resource Kit that the Elliot Institute has developed to help candidates and elected officials to address this emerging political issue.

According to the poll data, gender had nearly as much effect on beliefs as did political views about abortion. Overall, men were significantly more likely than women to believe abortion made women's lives better. The gender gap was most pronounced among pro-choice respondents, with pro-choice men 43 percent more likely than pro-choice women to believe that abortion makes women's lives better.

Overall, approximately 80 percent of respondents stated that research on post-abortion complications should be a moderate to high priority. Three out of four believed that efforts to provide alternatives to abortion and support for those who suffer post-abortion problems should be a political priority.

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