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Thursday, August 19, 2004

A seriously botched abortion.

A British woman who had an abortion later discovered that the unborn child's head had been left inside her, a mistake that could have taken her life.

Davina Chambers, a mother of three children, was undergoing treatment for Autoimmune Hepatitis, a disease that was causing her body to reject and attack her own liver. Routine tests conducted during her regular visits to Kings College Hospital found that Chambers was 12 weeks pregnant.

"I just couldn't believe it," Chambers told the Voice newspaper in England. "At the time I was taking eight tablets a day and had all this radiation from the scans, so I couldn't believe that I could be pregnant."

Concerned with the health risks of undergoing treatment while carrying the child, Chambers decided to have an abortion.

"I started thinking about it. Here I am very ill, already with three children, and I was very depressed because of the medication I was on," Chambers explained.

Following the abortion, Chambers was told that she had been ultrascanned three times and everything was fine.

Later that night, Chambers was shocked by an unexpected complication.

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