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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

URGENT: Down Syndrome Unborn Child in Need of Adoptive Parents with Special Love and Graces....(SEE TWO NEW UPDATES BELOW, and WAY BELOW):

Got very brief word tonight, Friday, 8/27/04: "Spoke to Mom last evening. She still has not ruled out abortion. Pls just continue to pray. ~ Geri"

[Original post:]
I'm taking a big chance printing the direct email here, but it is urgent. Please: to anyone tempted to be spiteful or condemning, I pray to God to hold back your hand and prevent you from carrying out any nastiness.

Please email me, Annie or Geri.

If you or someone who know is willing to adopt a beautiful blessing with some special needs, this needs to be done ASAP as the mother has already scheduled an abortion, and doesn't think anyone wants her child! Please Pray!

From: Missionaries to the Preborn []
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 10:31 PM

Hello, everyone!

I've been speaking to an unmarried woman in her mid-30s, in her fourth month with a Down Syndrome Baby. She has an aborton scheduled.

She has relented and given us a few days to see if there is a family out there who wants to adopt her special-needs baby. Her family is totally against the abortion, and wants her to adopt the baby out. The birthmom was very insistent on going ahead with the abortion, so this respite of a few days buys us time.

Do you know of anyone right now ready to adopt a special-needs baby? It is probably better if they have gotten their home study or are in the process.

We need to have this woman speak to people who can take action now and convince her that her baby is wanted. If you don't know of any families, pls keep us all in prayer. I thank God we've been given this time to help her.

Thank you all. - Geri.

Thanks to all who wrote, esp. Earl Appleby, Director of Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia (CURE), for the following help:

1. Janet Marchese, Director of A Kids Exchange (formerly the National Down Syndrome Adoption Exchange), 914-428-1236; 56 Midchester White Plains , NY 10606 , and also Pam Wilson, . We've sent them and others an email, getting them in touch with Geri.

2. "Recommended Down Syndrome Sites on the Internet," Compiled by Len Leshin, MD, FAAP appears to be a good source for winnowing down the thousands of sites offering help/advice on parenting Down Syndrome children.

3. "Chosen People" article by Earl Appleby, who wrote me that, "In the article, Janet Marchese, director of the Down Syndrome Adoption Exchange, which has found loving homes for more than 2,000 such infants, says, 'We have a family for every Down Syndrome child.'

"Another potential resource, mentioned in the article, is Lori Weigle, president of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome, who observes, 'Everyone needs to be accepted for what he is, and if the biological family can't do that, I'm happy to find a home for the child.'" Can't seem to find this group on the web now though there is a local chapter in Virginia, I think.

4. Association for Children with Down Syndrome (ACDS) is a parent-founded early intervention program whose basic premise is that early intervention is critical in the lives of children with Down syndrome.

5. National Association For Down Syndrome (NADS), a not-for-profit organization, was founded in Chicago in 1961 by parents of children with Down syndrome who felt a need to create a better environment and bring about understanding and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

6. National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). A comprehensive, on-line information source about Down syndrome. Through education, research and advocacy, the National Down Syndrome Society works to ensure that all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

7. The ARC of the U.S is the nation's leading national organization on mental retardation. The Arc represents over seven million children and adults with mental retardation and their families. The ARC has over 120,000 members within approximately 1,000 state and local chapters nationwide. The ARC provides organizational support to affiliated chapters, and represents the membership on advocacy and programmatic issues pertaining to mental retardation.

8. By accident, I found this helpful site on Menstuff.

9. Even Google today has a list of articles THIS WEEK on support groups around the country for parents of Down Syndrome children.

10. Also, WELCOMING BABIES WITH DOWN SYNDROME has numerous resources to call, although some of the email addies displayed are no longer valid.

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