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Monday, September 20, 2004

In their September newsletter, The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer writes:

Volunteers working with our group attended the Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure in Chicago during the last weekend in August. The volunteers included Jeanette Joyce and a friend, Tom Morrison. They proudly held our banner announcing to the cancer walkers that:

Abortion is a cause of breast cancer
Why aren't women being told?

Jeanette was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. She's a mammography educator, and she regularly gives talks on the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link. Tom Morrison's mother died of breast cancer. Both wanted to know why women haven't been given all the facts about the research dating to 1957.

Most cancer walkers received them well, and some even thanked Jeanette and Tom for being there. Remarkably, a couple of walkers said Jeanette and Tom shouldn't be educating women about this risk factor for the disease at all.

As many of you already know, I am a 14-year survivor of colon cancer. When the occasional cancer survivor suggests to me that the ABC link should be covered up, I'm appalled. Cancer survivors have a greater obligation than do other men and women to spare others their own suffering, regardless of their personal feelings about this risk factor. They know better than anyone else does about the depth of the physical and emotional suffering that is involved in chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical removal of the breasts and the impact of their disease on their families.

Jeanette and Tom smiled and clapped for the cancer walkers. They politely told the few who objected to their presence that the ABC link is a women's health issue and that women have the right to know about all of the risks of this optional procedure. Jeanette added that she used to participate in cancer walks.

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