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Friday, September 3, 2004

Nationwide Amber Alert just issued, Friday, Sept. 3, 2004, from Connecticut, but they could be outside this state by now: One-year old girl, possibly with 2 people in a red Chevy Blazer, 1996 year, license 878-SJD, coming out of the Hartford, CT area, so they could be in MA, RI, Vermont, Maine, NH, NY or NJ by now, or even beyond. She has brown hair, blue eyes, weighs 18 pounds. PLEASE CALL Connecticut STATE POLICE TOLL-FREE AT 1-800-842-0200. The adults she may be with are named David Bell and Faith (or Fay) Bennett. This is related to a fatal stabbing that occurred late last night.

One life saved, two more lost, one still in danger....UPDATE SUN. SEPT. 5:

The abducted 1-year-old girl was found Saturday, thank God! But what a strange story. At first the police thought her mom was the one stabbed, now it turns out it was the "woman on the run," Faye Bennett, who was killed, and the little girl had been with her mom, Jennifer Helmedach, and David Wayne Bell, but it wasn't known if the mom went willingly with him or was kidnapped as those two are still not found. The red Chevy Blazer belonged to Bennett, and it was found abandoned in East Orange, NJ, where Bell has some relatives apparently.

There are arrest warrants in place for Bell, who recently was released from prison for two assault convictions. He may or may not be the little girl's father.

Bennet and Helmedach were described by family members as "best friends."

In the joy of finding this little girl, please let's pray for Faye Bennett. She was pregnant with a baby boy, expecting to give birth this November.

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