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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

British Pregnancy Advisory Service helps women get illegal abortions.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the NHS-funded charity that is the country's largest abortion provider, is facilitating illegal late terminations of healthy pregnancies for hundreds of women without medical justification, an investigation by The Telegraph has revealed.

Extensive covert video and audio recordings exposed a horrific underground industry in which women carrying healthy foetuses beyond the 24-week legal cutoff and who want to end their pregnancies for "social" reasons, travel to an abortion clinic in Spain on the recommendation of BPAS. The organisation refers them there as a matter of "policy".

Staff at the Clinica Ginemedex in Barcelona, last week agreed to abort the completely healthy 26-week foetus of an undercover reporter, who was referred to them by BPAS, without even asking for a reason. Babies born at 26 weeks have a 75 per cent chance of survival. The reporter, who had never intended to go ahead, declined their offer at the last minute.

Staff confessed that they had destroyed foetuses up to 30 weeks old and admitted that they "play with the law so it's not completely legal".

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