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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

It’s Sing-Along Time (apologies to Sesame Street):

“Which of these people doesn’t belong here?”
  1. Late-term (up to 40 weeks) and/or partial-birth abortion practitioner George Tiller, The "Survivalhood" Doctor.
  2. Late-term and partial-birth abortion practitioner Martin Haskell, D&X Expert Extraordinaire.
  3. Late-term abortion practitioner Warren Hern, D&E Virtuoso.
  4. Senator John Kerry.
Answer: None of them: the first three all gave $$ to John Kerry, while Kerry told Fox News nine months ago, "I'm against partial-birth abortion, as are many people."

Hern gave the max he was allowed ($4,000). But it isn’t the amounts, it’s that Kerry the Great Catholic cashed the checks.

Do you suppose any of that money came from the revenues reaped by any of those late-term abortions?....

....Naaaaahhhh! (And I own the Brooklyn Bridge.)

I really love this:
“Kerry explained in 1972: ‘On abortion, I myself, by belief and upbringing, am opposed to abortion, but as a legislator, as one who is called on to pass a law, I would find it very difficult to legislate on something God himself has not seen fit to make clear to all the people on this earth.’”
So, Senator Kerry, if God Himself had “seen fit to make it clear” to all of us, then you’d find it very easy to pass such a law?

Not to go totally religious on everyone, but since the quote is out there, he’s effectively thrown down that gauntlet. So, what exactly, Senator Kerry, do you think God really meant when He said,
“‘Shall I bring a mother to the point of birth, and yet not let her child be born?’ says the Lord. Or shall I allow her to conceive yet close her womb?’ says your God." ~ Isaiah 66:9…

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