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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Now That's Must-See TV! [update: I've learned that the ads weren't meant to be publicized just yet to all, so I'm sorry, but we'll repost the link when it's clear to do so!

Our friend Theresa sent me the link to these commercials; we don't know yet how much they'll cost to run on cable but she's looking into it after she gets back from the pilgrimage.*

Wondering if maybe the Knights of Columbus (in our area, NY/CT/NJ) would fund it...who knows!

*BTW, it's all filled up, but "the pilgrimage" is to POLAND, for those who've lost a child through abortion. Led by Theresa and Spiritual Director Rev. Mariusz Koch, CFR, the group will visit Our Lady of Czestochowa (also known as the Black Madonna), the Divine Mercy Shrine, and the hometown of Pope John Paul II, starting Oct. 25 through Nov. 2. ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. It's being sponsored by LUMINA, a post abortion referral service and "ROC"(Reclaiming Our Children), a group of post-abortive parents.

Other visits will include Auschwitz, The Salt Mine in Krakow (where there is a sort of "cathedral" carved out of the salt deep in the ground), The Marian Church in Krakow, Kalwaria, Wawel Castle and Cathedral and many other places.

I don't know if it's an annual pilgrimmage, but if there was enough future interest, Theresa's contact info at Lumina is on their webpage, for future trips.

There's a petition to Our Lady of Czestochowa that among other things, asks for special protection for everyone's unborn children against abortion.

For those of us who pray, please let's keep these pilgrims in our prayers during their journey of healing. Thanks.

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