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Sunday, October 31, 2004

San Francisco. January 22, 2005. Be there. Aloha.

"Feminists, black activists, and women who have aborted are joining a group of Californians to sponsor the first ever West Coast Walk for Life along this city’s scenic waterfront..."

TITLE: "Women Deserve Better than Abortion — Life is the Choice."

SPEAKERS:SKED: Meet at 11:00 am, start walk at Noon.

LOCATION: Justin Herman Plaza on Market Street

  • United for Life (the leading public-interest, nonprofit law firm dedicated to providing legal expertise and strategy in the field of life-affirming legislation; they began in 2004 issuing "'State Report Cards,'which rate each state in terms of safety--or danger--for pregnant mothers and their unborn children")
  • Catholics for the Common Good
  • California ProLife Council
  • Priests for Life (which works closely with respect life folks of every religious persuasion)
"We refuse to choose between women and children."
  • “Each day 1,452 African American children are killed by the heinous act of abortion. Women who have been deceived into wrong choices and children who were never given any choice at all are the victims of pro-choice America.” ~ Baptist Minister Childress
  • "Until recently, S.F. was one of the four US cities that distinguished itself by having a higher abortion rate than birth rate."

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