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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Something to know about.

This may not be either a complete or "definitive proof" site, and there probably never will be one, as records were incomplete certainly before 1973 and since then, the ACLU and others have obtained restraining orders forbidding some states from collecting data on maternal abortion deaths and other abortion data (e.g., Illinois, where one such R.O. lasted from the early 1980s until mid-1993, according to officials with the Illinois Dept. of Public Health in June 1995, [from legally-taped phone conversations cited in the book Lime 5]).

But this site documents the stories of (and in some cases, links to) about 198 women who died from legal abortions (1974 through 2004), and about 95 from illegal abortions (1915 through 1974), most by name.

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