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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Yesterday, we noted an article in the Cincinnati Post about Project Rachel.

Dawn Eden has more to say about the quote in that article from Cincinnati Planned Parenthood CEO Sue Momeyer:

What do you think she said on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of a local group that has helped numerous women, from many denominations as well as no denomination, come to terms with deep pain, guilt, and regret?

Since she is the head of the city's Planned Parenthood affiliate, you might expect her to say that it's "rare" for women to regret their abortions. This is, after all, the organization that briefly attempted to sell "I Had an Abortion" T-shirts through its national Web site, until its own clinics complained the message was hurting business.

Indeed, Momeyer does say such post-abortion sadness occurs but rarely, and that it's normally forestalled by counseling and "information." What kind of information could cause a woman to not feel grief, she doesn't say, but one thinks it's of the "that thing inside you wasn't really a baby" variety.

But Momeyer can't resist getting her digs in at women whose regretful attitude, if publicized, could damage her business:

"There are traumatic effects of childbirth, adoption," she said.

"You have to put the emotional effects of abortion in that perspective. There are some pretty awful effects of unwanted childbearing, as I'm sure you know."

Oh of course, Sue—we all know that, over time, giving birth to a child gives us far more pain than killing it.


"Traumatic effects" of adoption? For whom? For the person adopting the child? For the woman giving up the child for adoption? How could such things possibly be taken "in perspective" with suddenly going from being with child to not being with child—and having to go through life with the knowledge that your own baby's blood is on your hands?

Read the whole thing.

Dawn also collects links to other blog commentary, including reflections from a seminarian at Vita Mea and from Ed at Media Culpa.

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