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Sunday, November 7, 2004

UPDATE 11-8-04:
Hey, those Judiciary Committee members' phone lines listed below are WIDE OPEN, and they're just ticking off our names as we call. You don't have to be from their state to call, and all some of them ask you is what's your state or zipcode. I just called all 9 Senators in a matter of under 5 minutes, even on lunch hour (EST), and got through right away.

Even Sen. Chambliss' receptionist, before I could say my piece, asked me "Are you calling to ask the Senator to vote no to Arlen Specter?" I said "Yes, I absolutely am."

Judiciary Chairman vote will be EARLY THIS WEEK.

In addition to the effort Emily mentioned to prevent Specter from being elected Judiciary Chair:

If you're from one of these states, please consider contacting "...[t]he seven newly elected Republican senators are Mel Martinez (Fl.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), David Vitter (La.), Richard Burr (NC), Tom Coburn (Ok.), Jim DeMint (SC), and John Thune (SD)....For some of these, local campaign offices may still be open and taking messages." (from an email from The National Right To Life Committee)

"If your Republican senator is already a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he can be especially influential in deciding who the new chairman will be. Please make every effort to encourage other constituents to contact the Republican committee members who are listed below (links to contacting each one are listed on this webpage:

Orrin Hatch (Utah) (202) 224-5251
Charles Grassley (Iowa) (202)224.3744
Jon Kyl (Az.) (202) 224-4521
Mike DeWine (Ohio) (202) 224-2315
Jeff Sessions (Al.) (202) 224-4124
Lindsey Graham (SC) (202) 224-5972
Larry Craig (Id.) 202/224-2752
Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) (202) 224-3521
John Cornyn (Tx.) 202-224-2934

Lastly, if we receive a response from any Republican senator or his/her staff, or see his/her statement on this issue in the news, the request has been made to please forward it to the Federal Legislation Department at National Right to Life at, or to fax it or phone it in. The numbers are on the webpage linked to just above.

Only Republican Senators need be contacted. So Connecticut's Dodd and Lieberman are off the hook. For now.

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