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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Consumer Reports article on abortion as a "consumer service"

I've just learned that my beloved Consumer Reports Magazine has several Feb. 2005 articles and "quickpick charts" advising people how to choose "the best" birth control, condoms and abortion options. I don't have the hardcopy article yet, am waiting to get it from a friend, and will report back later, but it is all available ONLINE.

Consumer Reports has never allowed you to view their content online without being a paying, registered customer first. Sure enough, do a search on "Saturn" or "Hemi Dodge Ram Truck" and you have to sign in as a paying customer to view the articles.

Not so with birth control and abortion, though, oh, no.

Looks like CR has sold out, with an apparent hidden agenda, wanting to propagate their personal ideology and gross misinformation free of charge to the unsuspecting, trusting public. I am incensed.

This is a total misuse of the trust we have placed in them. I've used CR extensively over the last 30 years to buy cars, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, insurance, and more. They saved me boodles of money over the years.

No more.

There was no moral absolute involved regarding the appliance and vehicle markets. And no harm done to anyone when you chose one "product" or "service" over another.

You can be sure I'll be writing a long letter to them at Consumer Reports, 101 Truman Ave., Yonkers, NY 10703-1057, informing them of the truth about abortion's harm to women and the truth about birth control, condoms and the rest.

I'll address it to all of the following:

President, James A. Guest
Director & Editor, & New Media, Laura R. Bona
Managing Editor, Judy Faust Hartnett
Web Senior Editor, Megan Steintrager
Senior Director & Editor, Consumer Reports, Margot Slade
Associate Editorial Director, Christine Arrington
Managing Editor, Consumer Reports, Kim Kleman
Health Editor & Director, Ronni Sandroff

I urge our readers to do the same.

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