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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

There's a growing group of blogs where women and men write about their personal experience with abortion. I want to make it easy for readers to check into these blogs on a regular basis and also find those particular posts where abortion is the specific subject.

Two must-read blogs that cover abortion regrets on an ongoing basis are The S.I.C.L.E. Cell and Abortion Hurts.

The links below are to specific posts that share abortion experiences. You can click through to the most current posts on these blogs by clicking "home" or "main" after you read the specific post.

The AmbivaBlog.

A Hole In One.

Tricia in Montana is recovering from her post-abortion trauma.

Faith, Hope and Love is a blog written by a woman who is Christian, post-abortive, bipolar, a cutter and a poet. Her blog's updates are often Christian introspection and consolation.

F-dup is recently married. Her husband demanded details of earlier relationships, which include an abortion. He appears to have told her that she doesn't deserve to live.

All About Kevin is Exoneree's description of her mid-December abortion. Kevin finally agreed to pay for half the abortion, but wanted to see the receipt first.

In my internal conflict with religion, a woman talks about the impact of an abortion when she was 17.

Mistress of Cheese is a newly pregnant 23-year-old. She has had two previous pregnancy losses (abortions?) and her sister has had one abortion. She is in a committed relationship. When she told her family about her pregnancy over the holidays, they were unsupportive and negative. The sister's abortion regrets were triggered by the announcement. It's possible, but not clear, that the mother would prefer that her daughter have a third pregnancy loss.

Adrika is pregnant and leaning in favor of an abortion.

A new blogger here is recently divorced. His wife had an affair followed by an abortion and then left him. Reading around the posts, it appears that she may now be abusing substances.

No Regrets Here had an abortion, which she does not regret. Her mother is also post-abortive.

This young lover is distraught. He appears to have cheated on his one true love with Maya. Maya got pregnant as the result of their affair and an abortion ensued. The young lover is paralyzed, but not entirely, with guilt. His true love accepted his entreaties for a resumed relationship but now it appears that Maya has sent her all the email correspondence during the affair.

A friend hears of sad and disgraceful behavior around an abortion.

This young man feels he will lose his emotional and mental balance unless his former girlfriend agrees to abort their child. He is trying to influence her toward that decision.

Sparkey talks about what life has been like for her since the abortion.

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