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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Blogger hosts this blog, but we use the Haloscan comments system. For unknown technical reasons, sometimes when a Blogger user posts a comment, it goes into the unseen Blogger comment system. I get an email report whenever a Blogger comment gets posted. This one was posted at 3:18 a.m. today:

on jan 29 2005 was the worse day of my life.i finally got the abortion everyone wanted. my mom,grandma an the father thought that it was best for me to do.not caring what will happen to me afterwards.i was so happy to find out i was pregnant cuz thats all i ever wanted was a child i can call my own.i know i'm only 20yrs still young but i really believe i could have this baby.the father never wanted kids an made me feel bad.he went under depression the whole two months i was pregnant cuz he feared mom at first was fine wit it till she told my grandma got into my mother's head an force her to change her mind an make me get the grandma did it cuz she was embarssed an worried about what people would of thought if i had this child an i wasnt married or even livin wit the guy.everyday i would hear my grandma's mouth.everyday i would hear "so did u make the appointment yet".the father wasnt mean to me but made me feel guilty an sorry for him.finally he gave me the money an i told my mom .so we made the appointment an all i did was cry cuz at this point i didnt even know if i still wanted it.i was goin out my mind.all i wanted was my life back an for people not to b mad at me i broke down an got the abortion.i cryed when i see the protester out side the offices tellin me not to kill my baby,but to love it.that hurted cuz i did love my unborn child.i still mom felt so guilty.she didnt even wanna wake me up that horrible morning.but my grandma made hurt cuz i didnt have no one by myside to help me.all i had was a nightmare pregnancy.once i got the abortion i was fine.but the next day when i felt the awful pain for the first time i wanted to died right along wit my baby.everytime i felt the pain or seen the blood i felt more an more guilty an depressed.i think over an over in my head about how that baby had to kills me inside to think i help kill my child cuz i was to weak to say no.its only been a week an i cant shake this depression get more an more deep.i'm scared i will never come out of it.sometimes i feel the only way i'll feel better is the day i have my baby back.but i'm not plannin on havin another one for another two yrs.that was my plan in the start to have one when i was goin on 23 so i guess now ima stick to that plan.but it feel so far really who ever is readin this that are pregnant.please think it thru an make sure its what u really want.cuz everyone have a one can make it but u.
To the woman who wrote this: Please know of my prayers for you, and my support and understanding. You don't have to be alone with these feelings. I strongly encourage you to call a toll-free national hotline for help. Try 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or 1-800-395-HELP or 1-800-5WE-CARE. What you're going through is very intense and painful. You don't need to be alone with this. With help, you will come to a place where you feel strong, restored and healthy again. Please reach out.

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