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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Annie here. Had a minute so I'll update y'all on the YALE University C.L.A.Y. talk Tuesday night, since we're talking about public speaking a lot lately.

Thanks firstly to all who prayed for me, esp. achromic and butterfly. The talk went well Tuesday night. No one from the pro-choice group attended, so there was no debate or dissent. I kind of hoped they'd be there. The young pro-life adults at Yale are an amazing bunch! There were a dozen of their 80 members present. Doesn't sound like a lot, but that's not how I judge such things. I recently did a talk at a local community college and only one young lady showed up. Though my friend, the Rachel's Vineyard retreat director, got the only chance to really privately converse with her, I could tell she was post-abortive and probably regretting it.

The CLAY folks are really such a young group: 99% of the current members didn't know each other before this year. Almost all freshmen. So to have orchestrated a full week of talks within less than 8 months is nothing short of amazing.

There were as many men as women there in the audience, and one of the guys said he reads this blog so was really looking forward to meeting me! And they gave me one of my favorite things: A T-shirt! (I'm a collector!) On the front it says, "SMILE!" On the back: "Your mom chose life.....Choose Life At Yale" and the "L" in Life is appended by a "tail" sticking down and left, forming the "Y" in Yale with the school name angled down and to the right. It's a medium (were they trying to flatter me??) but I'll "grow into it, Titch!"

I did a modified version of the Shredding the Myths of Abortion's Effects on Women talk. Opened with video of the interview I gave 4 months after my Rachel's Vineyard retreat for Crossroads TV Magazine, aired in Hartford, CT in January 2003.

I'm updating some of the Shredding Myths posts, especially the one on breast cancer and abortion. Lots of new stats and studies done in that one that I didn't have time for originally. Still have to summarize the new stats in a summary table that's easy to read at a glance...

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