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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Lest anyone again say that pro-life advocates are all hypocritical because they don't condone abortion but remain mum about or are in favor of the death penalty...

Michael Ross got what he wanted after all: state-assisted suicide.
"[Psychiatrist Dr. Stuart] Grassian said Ross' girlfriend...also received a letter [from Ross] after Ross died. In it, Grassian said, '...He said the real reason he was doing this is because he couldn't stand living like this anymore. He couldn't bear going back to Northern' Correctional Institution, where death row is located."
This was one of the exact points made by those against the death penalty all throughout the leadup to the execution May 13, just over one month ago.

Are you happy now, Connecticut?

It is strange, however, how AP ignores the opportunity to make this the crux of its article and headline.

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