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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

AP is listening, after all.

(The July 2005 San Francisco Chronicle article is no longer on the Internet at its original location or on the Webarchive, so it has been excerpted at the above link.)

They did a story, on Barbara Boxer's regurgitating the urban legend we pointed out to her (and before her to Ellen Goodman) and they actually quoted and named me in this article. Amazing.

Our original posts on the truth instead of the legend are here, here and on the Ellen Goodman recantation last year on this same urban legend, here.

Many thanks and HT to Christina at RealChoice for the great, even more informative post yesterday. Go read it, she debunks the "just a surface examination" that AP gave the subject.

WELCOME, also, to all our new visitors from the Associated Press article. Since they didn't give our URL, if you found us, it was probably through Googling on "After Abortion" and "blog." To get to know Emily and me a little better, why not read our "commenting guidelines" up and to the right side of the page. It will explain what we're all about here.

I'm sorry, I'm not quite as gracious or eloquent in this post, nor do I have the time or will. Not two hours ago, I learned that my father had died. There are even more heinous circumstances surrounding his death that I can't/won't go into, but suffice to say I am not myself right now, and need a lot of time to pray and grieve.

Thanks for your understanding. Please, commenters, if you all would, keep it civil amongst yourselves unti Em is back from her day out of the "office."

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