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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Emails for Associated Press' Chairman, CEO, Executive Editor, and reporter who perpetuated the urban legend along with Barbara Boxer:


JUSTIN M. NORTON is the Associated Press writer who didn't fact-check his Sen. Barbara Boxer story, thus making himself an accessory to journalistic error/"perjury" with the urban legend about "5,000+ abortions if Roe is reversed."

"" bounced back as "unknown", but so far, has not, so it's probably valid.

ALSO sent my email to:
  1. Associated Press' BURL OSBORNE, Chairman,
  2. TOM CURLEY, AP President and CEO,
  3. KATHLEEN CARROLL, AP SVP/Executive Editor
at the email addies:,, .

All a guess but still likely we'll get through, since none of them bounced back yet.

Annenberg Public Policy Center
320 National Press Building
Washington DC 20045

Will let you know if they go through or get bounced back as undeliverable. WRITE THEM ALL NOW, FOLKS, if you're inclined to do so, BEFORE THEY CHANGE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES, which they will probably do after this!

HT: Thanks, Christina, for the nudge!

UPDATE, 6:17 PM ET Sat. July 9:
No other email addies above have been rejected.

Also, I just sent Letters to the following editors in Boxer's constituency areas, with either a respectful "you repeated the same error without fact-checking"...
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Chronicle
Fresno Bee

or "I commend you for not reprinting the error" as there was no apparent article on Boxer’s misleading quote:
SF Examiner
LA Times
San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego Community Newspaper Group: Beach & Bay Press, Peninsula Beacon, La Jolla Village News and Golden Triangle

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