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Thursday, August 4, 2005

A diarist at the Daily Kos publishes this account of how Colorado abortion provider Warren Hern responded to Operation Save America, a non-mainstream anti-abortion group that spent a week in Colorado earlier this summer.

If the pictures are accurate, several people in the Operation Save America group carried signs lauding violence against abortion providers.

It disturbs and sickens me when people who are either extremely mean-spirited or mentally ill are encouraged (or allowed) to participate in anti-abortion activism. I don't have much of an idea about how or where or with whom to register my thoughts about how wrong this is.

Annie has written here about the classic mean anti-abortion protestor who stands outside an abortion clinic in her area, and about the unsuccessful but determined attempts she and others have made to either quell his behavior or change his heart.

Mixed in with the abortion advocacy comments at the Daily Kos diary are several very sad abortion stories. One that particularly caught my eye is from a self-described aging hippy who still feels guilt about an abortion in the late 70s. And yet, he occasionally serves as an abortion clinic escort.

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