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Saturday, August 13, 2005

SUICIDE AND ABORTION, a list of articles and links

I've been getting to know a bit more about the Stacy Zallie Foundation. Emily first blogged about this here May 20, 2005.

Stacy Zallie ended her own life about a year after she had an abortion at 20, the same age I was when I aborted my only daughter.

In loving memory of their daughter, Stacy's parents are trying to help other women avoid the same fate as Stacy, in a series of non-judgmental, informed-choice ways. Emily and I are very excited and hopeful that they succeed in their various endeavors.

In our conversations, it became useful for me to pull together all the many posts and articles on suicide and abortion that we've collectively blogged about here since 2003. It isn't the first time such a need has become obvious, and it won't be the last, sadly.

What follows is the running summary of what I have so far. Readers, please feel free to send or comment on links I may have forgotten, so I may add them. I'll try to keep this current long after today, adding new links as time goes by, until, hopefully, not a single link more will need to be added because it will have stopped happening.

If and when we learn of updates on the Zallie family's endeavors and news, I'll also do that here.

SUICIDE AND ABORTION, a list of articles and links:
  1. Lime 5: Exploited by Choice, compiled by Mark Crutcher, at Amazon or from the publisher, Life Dynamics for only $10. There’s a summary of it here.

    In the book, there are at least three suicide stories after an abortion (pp. 79-80, p. 118), as well as several others of "psychological injury" (pp. 134, 260-261), and "depression" (pp. 38, 74). It offers much information and many recommendations that pertain to informed choice and consent in Chapter 8 (including better performing state medical licensing boards, etc.), and about the legal issues and arguments involved in abortion malpractice suits in Chapter 7.

  2. There are Christina Dunigan's Real Choice website and the Cemetery of Choice.
    She has a great separate section called Suicide Prevention.

  3. PTSD after abortion is discussed here.

    Many other articles on suicide and abortion are found in these links:
  4. Guilt of abortion makes 19-yr-old commit suicide
  5. National Institutes of Health Suicide Report
  6. A psychiatrist falls in love with a woman disturbed by her abortion
  7. August 2002 Southern Medical Journal report
  8. South Dakota women testify before the House about their suicide attempts
  9. More on the above story
  10. From the book, Grieving Reproductive Loss (links to current suicide/abortion research)
  11. Book Where Is My Rainbow?, by an aunt whose niece committed suicide five months after an abortion.
  12. Woman whose niece killed herself after an abortion (linking to the news story about it)
  13. Gloria Feldt's Behind Every Choice Is a Story vs. the five research studies
  14. Medical Science Reports findings about PTSD, suicide and abortion
  15. Kid Rock's Suicide Song
  16. Woman thinks of suicide every year
  17. One woman attempted suicide twice
  18. Another woman who attempted suicide counsels one woman who is thinking of it, both postabortive
  19. Poet Anne Sexton's poem called "Abortion", and her subsequent suicide
  20. Teen's immense emotional pain after abortion, constant thoughts of suicide

    From another very good, postabortive friend of ours, Ashli:
  21. The Suicide Note and
  22. Another attempted suicide
  23. Most common cause of death among Chinese women ages 20-35 is suicide; this is "also the childbearing age range and traditionally the age range in which Chinese women marry and are allowed to conceive and bear their one child."
  24. Lastly, this is a related link to a running summary of forced or coerced abortions.

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