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Friday, September 16, 2005

"What do you do when being born and dying are the same thing?"

"This film was produced by professional Hollywood filmmakers for today's visually- oriented culture. [The character] Ann Brown, a successful pro-choice prosecutor, is asked to take a complex case involving partial birth abortion. She reluctantly agrees to take the case which becomes a life-changing journey for her. This fast-paced, sometimes graphic thriller will especially interest today's youth."

The film will be available Oct. 5. I warn women especially those who've had an abortion to be prepared to not look at the screen at points but to listen at least to audio of the "Conversation with the Filmmakers." They say there's no right or wrong, no propaganda, no prolife or prochoice, but "pro-education": facts tied into a fictional story. The few scenes I saw were frightening (and not of an actual PBA procedure).

It's clearly a psychological thriller, one I even may not have the stomach to watch. Too close to home...

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