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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dawn Eden sends us this on Planned Parenthood's covering up actual rape and boasting about it on their website:
My friend Steve Huff, a true-crime expert who was on NBC's "Dateline" earlier this month--and who does not normally espouse conservative views--has a daring post on Planned Parenthood's covering up rape.
Dawn's post on it is here.

And when PP takes down that webpage, as they will, here is the forever copy of it.

Go read. Both. No time for me to do real commentary, so I'l grab my comment off Dawn's blog. But this story's gonna curl your hair.

It's the same here in Connecticut:

"Connecticut Abortion Clinics Look The Other Way" by Ted Greenberg. Original article was here, on Foxnews, now taken down, but it's been reposted here.

A 10-year-old girl in Bridgeport was raped by an older man, and two doctors didn't report it.

The article reports calls made to test how much reporting was done:
Bridgeport Planned Parenthood: 'If you're 14, and he's 22, that's illegal.' Girl: 'well, what do you mean, what could happen?' Bridgeport Planned Parenthood: 'nothing, if you don't want to press charges, it's just, it's not legal.'
Mind you, they don't run the actual abortion clinic, they just refer you to the one nearby. I know; they referred me, 26 years ago.

And I'm paying for it every day of my life since then.

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