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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Self-described, perhaps-more-liberal-readers-than-not writer Steve Huff and
former Evangelical-turned-Catholic-conservative Mark Shea agree:
"Planned Parenthood... Enabling Predators."

That is not the conservative's headline.

12-23-05: SEE UPDATE BELOW ON AUTHENTICITY AND LEGALITY OF AUDIOTAPES linked to and excerpted in the earlier post

WorldNetDaily picked up this story December 16, four days after Dawn broke it. It was Dawn's publicity of Planned Parenthood's webpage that forced them to take down that page.

Steve Huff's first post on this: Planned Parenthood... Enabling Predators, Pt. I.

First posts by Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol (most recent first):
True-crime blogger Steve Huff continues his powerful series
Because Someone Has to Stand Up for the Rapists
Planned Parenthood Covers Its Tracks
A True-Crime Expert Looks at Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Boasts It Covered Up an 11-Year-Old's Rape

AfterAbortion's posts:
Sex, Lies, and Audiotape
Refers to Dawn's first post above

World Net Daily's articles on this subject, 2002 to PRESENT:
Statutory rape issue goes to polls.
Planned Parenthood fights order in fraud probe.
Planned Parenthood charged with racism.
Planned Parenthood moves to shut pro-life firm (because it charged there is "overwhelming evidence to prove Planned Parenthood routinely ignores its legal obligation to report cases in which it knows physical or sexual abuse of minors is occurring, citing an in-depth study, public records and the organization's own records."
Sanctions could 'destroy' pro-life attorneys.
Pro-life attorney faces devastating sanctions.
Pro-life defender hit with crippling decision.
Planned Parenthood ends 'unholy alliance'.
Pro-lifer denied access to 'public library'.
Ashcroft urged to probe Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood probe gets hearing.
Judge finds Planned Parenthood 'negligent'.
'Time bomb' lawsuit against Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood in legal crosshairs.
Abortionists mum on concealment charges.
Planned Parenthood concealing crimes?

Christina of Real Choice:
Injuries & deaths under Planned Parenthood's watch.
Planned Parenthood San Francisco: successfully sued by patient who won $672,610 after a 3- year court battle.
Planned Parenthood- Central and Northern Arizona: 17-year old girl sued over two abortions PP did on her when she was 13 and being abused by her 23-year-old foster brother. PLUS: other reports from a former PP employee.

And in a weird twist yet to be realized fully: "Abortion-enthusiast Sen. Barbara Boxer calls for an abortionist's medical license to be suspended", "though it's not clear that Boxer even realizes Reich is an abortionist."

Mark Shea wrote:
"If you cover up the rape of a minor and you are a Catholic bishop, this is what is known as 'crime.'

"If you cover up the rape of a minor and you are Planned Parenthood, this is what is known as 'heroism'".
Huff agrees:
Mark Shea stated concisely what I went to some lengths to say. Whatever Mark's political bent, I don't think it could be worded more succinctly. The Catholic Church deals with one of its worst scandals ever in an unavoidably public way, the past actions of bishops and popes are excoriated by people on the right and left -- but especially left -- side of the political spectrum, and pointing out that PP may have -- in my personal opinion more through oversight and a narrowly-focused agenda than outright dishonesty -- done the same thing the Church did is somehow suddenly verboten? Honestly -- I abjure labels like liberal and conservative, but the thoroughly blinkered attitude I'm seeing on the part of liberals commenting on this issue is altering my idea of what a liberal is.

...When the Catholic Church simply shuffled pedophile priests from parish to parish, thinking confession and who knows what else might ‘cure’ them, or at least hide the problem, they contributed to the victimization of future children. The church has paid out millions of dollars to settle suits because of this, and many of the most high-ranking Bishops in the U.S. have admitted to this flaw in church policy, and how damaging it may have been to generations of children.

How is Planned Parenthood’s failure to report these instances of underage pregnancy, in children as young as ten, any different? It isn’t.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate needs to be investigated by the California Attorney General, just as Arizona, Indiana, and Ohio have investigated the organization for similar reasons. This isn’t about politics, to me. It’s about predators, and the safety of the next child who is either forcibly raped or lured into a sexual trap. Politics be damned.

...I demonstrated, using mainstream news sources,in my blog entry that there is a pattern of states investigating PP for hiding these cases of, at the least, statutory rape.

For me, the idea that PP is actively saying in secret star-chamber meetings 'hey, let's give the pedophiles a pass,' is ludicrous. What is not ludicrous is knowing that there is a point where liberal thinking such as you find in any PP utterly handicaps certain decisions. If that makes me a conservative, fine. I know that a man who has raped a girl age 11 deserves to be put in jail and have the rest of the general population told that he raped a child. There is no equivocation there. Every victim of rape is psychologically damaged -- I've worked around sex crimes units, been asked to leave the room while female detectives take the statements of rape victims so they won't have to see any man, at that moment. PP's mealy-mouthed defense that they are protecting little girls by not informing the authorities and therefore the parents that a child has been RAPED is a remarkably weak argument.
And now, one of Dawn's commenters "threatens" to "report" to Planned Parenthood that Dawn is "defaming" them.

The commenter apparently doesn't understand what defamation is. It's false allegations. When it is true, as it is in this case, it isn't defamation.

Steve Huff showed his list of mainstream media sources: "I demonstrated, using mainstream news sources,in my blog entry that there is a pattern of states investigating PP for hiding these cases of, at the least, statutory rape."

I blogged the one I have record of in the state of Connecticut, "Connecticut Abortion Clinics Look The Other Way" by Ted Greenberg (the media's headline, not mine).

These are the four "defamation" accusations the commenter makes:

1. "Planned Parenthood encourages pedophiles and pedophilia."
By not reporting them, this is and has been shown to be what happens as a result. Not discouraging them encourages them. And the commenter will have to report true-crime writer Steve Huff, as well, in that case.

2. "Planned Parenthood does not report rapists."
Some of these instances are the same as above, as in statutory rape.

3. "Planned Parenthood's philosophy is based on eugenics."
The commenter is among a vast majority who doesn't know much about PP's founder, Margaret "Negro Project"-"poor-people-are-human-weeds-who-ought-never-have-been-born" Sanger. Don't take my word for it, read a black organization's take on this.

I guess the commenter will have to "rat on" them too, now.

4. "Planned Parenthood is not a nonprofit organization." I don't believe Dawn Eden ever made this accusation, just as I haven't, but we both have shown repeatedly, as has S.T.O.P.P. that they've made on average about $30 million profit each year for the past decade or more. We obtained this information from their own Annual Reports so it isn't "false" unless Planned Parenthood is guilty of SEC fraud violations themselves. Here's the link to one of their recent Annual Reports. Also there are two of our posts dissecting the Annual Reports to determine just how much they really depend on abortion and not providing women's healthcare, here and here (we determined that Planned Parenthood probably brought in at least between $193,744,400.00 and $217,229,560.00 just from abortions alone in 2003-04, out of $306.2 Million in clinic revenue. Abortions represented between 63.3% and 71% of their clinic revenue in 2003-04). Feel free to DYOR.

12-23-05: UPDATE ON AUTHENTICITY AND LEGALITY OF AUDIOTAPES linked to and excerpted in the earlier post

A friend and regular commenter questioned whether there was pro-life "doctoring" of the audiotapes of calls made to Planned Parenthood that are evidence of their many attempts to skirt the "mandatory reporting" laws regarding statutory and actual rape. She also questioned--rightly so--the authenticity since this news appeared to be only on the Internet, not in the major media's news. Most Americans assume if it isn't in the major media news, this would seem to suggest that neither has it gotten the attention of states' Attorneys General or the courts.

Christina of Real Choice replied:

I used to work for Life Dynamics [LDI], and I know how their "stings" work. I was the one that made all the calls to Planned Parenthood and NAF that are recounted in Lime 5, except for the ones (clearly indicated) that were made by Lisa Dodson. The tapes were in no way doctored. Mark even instructed me to always turn the tape recorder on before dialing so that the dialing tones would be recorded to verify what number I'd dialed. We supplied copes of some of the tapes to the South Dakota Attorney General when we found an abortion facility skirting the informed consent laws.

If LDI does a sting operation and gets nothing, they publish nothing. They don't just make things up. They did a sting where I was there, to see if PP was selling abortions to women who weren't pregnant. But the girl they sent in that wasn't pregnant was never told she was pregnant by any PP she went to. Since it's such a common practice for abortion facilities to tell women they're pregnant when they're not just to sell them abortions, we thought that PP would be just as guilty. They weren't. And we didn't fake evidence that they were. We dropped that line of investigation and moved on.
I researched and found that indeed the tapes were made--LEGALLY--by Life Dynamics Incorporated, and the authorities in Kansas, Indiana and other states apparently thought them truthful and undoctored enough to launch their own Attorney-General-run investigations:
During a two year investigation, Life Dynamics legally recorded over 800 calls to Planned Parenthood and NAF facilities in which the caller portrayed a 13-year-old who was pregnant by a 22-year-old and wanted an abortion in order to hide this relationship from her parents and the authorities. While many clinic workers can be heard on the tapes telling the caller that this situation was unlawful and that they were legally mandated to report it to the state, 91% of these facilities still agreed to illegally conceal it. So it's no wonder that abortion clinics are refusing to cooperate with law enforcement efforts to investigate child abuse. In Kansas, abortion clinic representatives have even gone so far as to state in published reports that they will not comply with the state's mandatory reporting laws. [emphasis this author's]
LDI is the same group whom "ABC News' 20/20 broadcast a segment [about] based on [their] two-year undercover investigation that exposed the abortion industry's selling of baby body parts."

So at least ABC NEWS believed what LDI reported then. (For what that's worth.)

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