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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Cincinnati Enquirer is running a "Hometown Hero" article today about Cinny Roy, a woman who has been involved in post-abortion ministry in Cincinnati for years.

Eve Centers offer compassion, counseling to troubled women.

Cinny's new project is the Eve Center, a free, Christian, paraprofessional counseling service for women with many different mental health concerns.

Cinny Roy's enthusiasm about her work helping troubled women is boundless.

That volunteer work began in 2004, but her journey toward her current career began long ago.

After two decades of trying to run from the emotional trauma of an abortion, including the shame and fear of being judged, Roy burned out in 1997.

As she began her recovery, she learned many women shared her plight. She wanted to help. She took a job counseling women with post-abortion emotional trauma.

The many issues involved in such counseling required more skills and inspired her to seek a master's degree in counseling.

In 2002, with just one year before she had her degree, the Sycamore Township mother of three prayed for guidance.

Two weeks later, she learned of the Center for Women's Ministries in Bloomington, Ind. She went there, trained to be a director and wanted to start some type of free help center for women suffering from a variety of problems.
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