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Friday, January 20, 2006

More news on post-abortive women's efforts this month and next, within Operation Outcry and Silent No More

1. "I spoke to Senator Arlen Spector just for a couple of minutes while we were in the cafeteria - he wasn't real interested in hearing my story..."
I just wanted to give you a summary of last week in Washington, D.C. following our January 9, 2006 press conference -- while it is still fresh on my mind, or I will forget. After you left on Tuesday, we just continued to go to the offices of the "gang of 14 senators." We visited every office and spoke to aides in many of the offices, some we had to leave our packet as there was no one to speak to. Here are some of the highlights of our efforts:

I spoke to Senator Arlen Spector just for a couple of minutes while we were in the cafeteria - he wasn't real interested in hearing my story...when I was trying to tell him about abortion.

Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, actually left the hearing to come and talk to Luana and me. He had used his entire 25 minutes opening statement about Judge Alito to speak about abortion. His questions were always about abortion, more statements than questions. He was familiar with Operation Outcry, very interested in our statements, asked questions, and was very encouraging. He is an ob/gyn and a pediatrician. [Annie's emphasis]

We ran into Congressman Trent Franks, R-AZ, a couple of other times at the hearing and he is always very encouraging.

We hung around with Senator Grassley, R-Iowa, for an hour or so. Luana caught him in the hallway and told him we were with Operation Outcry. He took us to his office, introduced us to his staff, invited us into his office, and then realized that he had an appointment in his office that was waiting for him. Well, he just took us right into the office, and we got to attend his meeting. Then he spoke with us about Operation Putcry. He is a very warm and concerned Christian man.

Luana, her friend Jacky and I got to go up into one of the press booths in the balcony in the hearing room. We were only supposed to be able to stay there for 30 minutes but we ended up being able to stay for about 4 hours.

We ran into several women from CWA,one from Georgia, and exchanged information. We had lunch provided for us everyday by the Southern Baptist Convention, which was a great opportunity for me. As a Southern Baptist having problems speaking in churches here in Georgia, I spoke with their director of governmental affairs and explained the situation to him. He was very interested in OO and my dilemma. He told me to keep in touch and to let him know when we were planning on coming up to D.C. and let them know if they can help in anyway.

Overall I would rate our visit a 10 1/2 out of 10. I believe that we got a lot accomplished and had lot's of opportunities to talk to people (even if most of them were on our side).

Take care,
Julie Thomas
Operation Outcry
2. The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign
New York City Gathering

WHEN: February 23, 2006, 4pm
WHERE: 6th Ave between 49th and 50th Street
WHAT: Event to break the silence of abortion and let women testify to the damage abortion has caused them
CONTACT: Colleen Barry at 347-245-9476 or .

The campaign has three main goals:
1. Educate the public that abortion is harmful emotionally, physically and spiritually.
2. Inform women who are hurting from an abortion that there is help.
3. Invite women to join us in speaking the truth about abortion’s negative consequences.

3 ways to participate:
1. If you are a post abortive person who would like to speak out about the harm abortion has brought to your life.
2. If you are a post abortive person who does not wish to speak but is willing to hold a sign saying “I Regret My Abortion”.
3. As a general support and prayer person who will attend as a spectator (we need you there!)

If you are planning to attend or have questions please email Colleen Barry at or call 347-245-9476. Your feedback is appreciated.

Georgette Forney, Executive Director of NOEL (National Organization of Episcopalians for Life) and Janet Morana, Associate Director of Priests for Life are the Co-Founders of this Campaign.

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