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Monday, January 16, 2006

News of Other Post-Abortive Women and Men, in the week prior to The March For Life

1. "Silent No More Women's testimonials mesmerize crowd on square",
by Joe Callahan, Ocala Star-Banner...a crowd of 300 comes out in a chilly, high-winds Saturday afternoon.

We met Mark Noonan on what is known as "Bloggers' Row," a place where bloggers for various news websites gather with their laptops. During the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito, various senators would go there to comment on the hearings. Last Tuesday, Julie Thomas, Karen Bodle, Luana Stoltenberg, and I made a presentation to them. This is one of the stories written: "A Man Talking About Abortion."

From Anne Newman
Operation Outcry
A project of The Justice Foundation
3. ROCK FOR LIFE's Report 1.12.06 had this update on goings-on outside the Supreme Court last week:
On Monday, several RFLers were out in front of the US Supreme Court during the Alito hearings with a message of “Justice for All – born and preborn” and “Roe has been saved! She’s now pro-life.” [Annie's note: now that's an interesting play on words. Check the actual report, complete with a photo of these signs. And note the youth of the folks holding these signs.]

At 9 a.m. we joined a news conference that was already underway. At this event several post-abortive women from Silent No More and Operation Outcry were speaking about their abortions, and how they regret them. A small group of vocal abortion supporters was present and repeatedly taunted these women, saying things like “You lie!” and making ridiculous statements accusing the women of being racists. Interestingly, the most from that group were men. Near the end of the news conference, the group stormed the event, getting in front of the cameras, and even being physically abusive towards some attendees. After a minute of commotion, the police escorted the members of the group away from the cameras.

After the event, dialogue began between the two opposing groups. Some of the abortion supporters were open to discussing their views, but others were more content to just yell rude and ignorant statements. Sadly, the problem with many of them was that they were staunch believers of false rhetoric that has been put forth by big abortion groups for decades. Calling people who oppose abortion “racist” or “sexist” is not making a case for your point of view – it's name calling, plain and simple, and is better left for schoolyard bullies, not political activists at the Supreme Court.

Noticeably absent from the Supreme Court on Monday was anyone from Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, NARAL, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. They attempted to bring huge numbers of people from all across the country to their anti-Roberts protests (while he was still being considered for the Supreme Court), but they were only able to gather a few dozen. This was a big letdown for them, and we suspect is the reason they did not show up this past Monday.

Thanks to Caron Strong,, for all this news!

4. The first annual conference of pro-life bloggers, Blogs4Life, will meet in Washington DC prior to the March for Life. Keynote speaker is expected to be Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Magazine. "The conference is open to all who support the sanctity of human life."

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