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Saturday, February 4, 2006


Bloggers' Row, Rock For Life, Ocala News.

Connecticut Silent No More event.

Pittsburgh, PA and Riverside, CA.

"RNC Blogger Forum: Operation Outcry," by Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters blog.

Hollywood Movie Producer screens movie at MFL06.

Silent No More Awareness Campaign –New York City, and speaking with Arlen Specter.

19 states, 21 events.

100,000 women in Post-Abortion Recovery programs in 2005 alone.

Little Rock, Arkansas and Millie Lace’s event.

Emily on I’m Not Sorry blog.

San Francisco Walk for Life 06.

Arizona Operation Outcry Event and others.

Alexa and others’ blog posts… about C-SPAN carrying live videofeed online.

Princeton ProLifers and others at MFL06.


Recognition of SNM women onstage.

FoxNews not even covering it.

Bush’s call from Kansas.

Bill to help college women have better choices than abortion in order to continue their education.

Schindlers, Georgette Forney, SNM women, African-American minister…

Rabbi Yahuda Levin and some of the Catholic Bishops onstage.

Theresa Burke: "The secret has to be dismantled for healing."

Lambert Mbom (postabortive father from Africa), picture of the enormity of the crowd, Fransiscan U of Steubenville.

How the MSM "reported" on the march, 3-9 hours before the speakers even started talking.

The women of Silent No More spoke at the steps of the Supreme Court.

"Americans On Call" Explained.

The Children of Roe, by Thrown Back’s Fr. Rob.

Size and demographic of crowd, from eyewitnesses reporting…

Photos and more coverage from those who were there.

Attendees' comments on MFL06 crowd size, demographics, etc.

Prochoicers questioning whether we really had abortions at all.

AmbivaBlogger's AmbivaAbortion Rant.

Crowd size and Aa mentioned at Blogs4Life conference.

Photos: Lumina women and men with "I Regret My Abortion" signs.

More photos.

More photos.

Report from Georgette Forney on Silent No More talks at Supreme Court.

Marching For Marla.

Two blog accounts of the Silent No More DC event.

Zombie's fascinating photojournal of the San Francisco Walk For Life 06

Seattle women "pull a Georgette"

More on Seattle's Silent No More event.

Jewels of the Jungle's MFL06 photos...extraordinary...

The Nation, on the Blogs4Life conference and prolife bloggers, including After Abortion.

Photos of reader/friend Lee Anne and Seattle women's event.

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