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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Actual Reality is a television production company that has pioneered some unusually intriguing reality shows that air on the FX network under the title "30 Days".

The idea behind the show grew out of Morgan Spurlock's 30-day eating-at-McDonald's-binge, which was chronicled in the Oscar-nominated film Super Size Me. The idea is to put people in very different circumstances, around people with very different beliefs, and see what happens.

"30 Days" sent out a casting call in February:

Actual Reality Pictures is currently seeking an assertive and articulate woman who at one time in her life had an unplanned pregnancy and chose to exercise her right to an abortion. We are looking for someone who has mature and positive feelings about her choice and is willing to share it with the world. This is for the critically acclaimed TV series 30 Days. The chosen candidate will receive considerable monetary compensation for their participation.
They have found a woman for this job. Her name is Jennifer, and she comes from Georgia. According to our sources, she is moving into the maternity home today. (That means she'll be living with several women who chose not to abort, in spite of difficult life circumstances.)

The casting call doesn't say this, but there's more involved for Jennifer than living in a maternity home. She will also be asked to hang around with some people who survived an abortion and attend one or more sessions of a Christian post-abortion recovery program.

Stacy Massey of the Abortion Recovery International Network was approached for this purpose, and will be working with the Actual Reality producers. That should be a challenging and interesting opportunity for all concerned.

We'll be keeping you posted.

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