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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I noted the other day that Stacy Massey of the Abortion Recovery International Network has been invited to participate in an upcoming "30 Days" documentary/reality TV show in which a pro-choice woman who has a "mature and positive attitude" toward a previous abortion choice will spend time in a maternity home, with a group of abortion survivors, and in a group of recovering post-abortive women--women who regret their abortions.

Some of our commenters are concerned about this.

Stacy has asked me to post this, in response to these concerns:

Thank you for your thoughts, both positive and constructive. Believe me, I had every one of the same considerations before agreeing to even "meet" with the producers, let alone be a part of this reality/documentary. We've had hundreds of people praying, as you can assume... and will need hundreds more, as I'm sure there is NO way I can micro-manage this production, nor have any guarantee of its final outcome. However, because of how I was contacted, doors opened, etc., we believe God is truly asking us to step up to this challenge. And as Ann Marie told me on the phone... God equips the un-able! So I'm sure He'll "have my back" as my 18-year old son says.

30-Days originally contacted me to film an entire abortion recovery session. I asked them, during my meeting with the producers (one of which I believe was post-ab), if Jennifer (the post-ab, pro-choice woman who the show is following) had asked for "recovery"! She didn't even know recovery existed. Then again, the producers didn't even know recovery existed when the concept of this show began. They didn't know recovery existed when they sent out the casting calls. They only learned of me/us when they met the board of directors for the maternity home in which this is taking place. Two-weeks ago, I had met with one of the maternity home board members because she had learned about me/us through another avenue. Can I say.... "God thing"!

I met with the producers a week ago today... I explained to them that I would not allow ANY unhealed post-ab women or men to go through recovery, share their story, or be filmed on camera. I was more responsible than that! :) I also said I wanted to meet Jennifer, and interview her, just like I would interview any other post-ab client asking for help. I required that our filming take place at the end of her 30-days in the maternity home and street experience. I stressed that abortion recovery ministries are pro-compassion, and doesn't really belong on either side of the pro-life/pro-choice debate! I shared that we'll accept anyone for recovery who truly wants help, healing and hope.

I explained the sensitivity of our ministries, that confidentiality is paramount and the responsibility I had, as president of A.R.I.N., to respect the roles of abortion recovery counselors world-wide. I explained that we leaders provide our services for free to post-ab clients and that if participating in the 30-Days production, I/we would do the same--whereas, all other "cast members" are being compensated. My request was, in lieu of compensation, that they post our website at the closing of the show, so that anyone "triggered" by the episode could find healing.

I also stated that the ONLY way we'd consider participating, is if vintage recovered men/women would simply "tell" their story, rather than trying to recreate a recovery session. And that I had to have FULL control over WHO was a part of the recovery-segment of the show. I have contacted abortion recovery leaders, and A.R.I.N. members, around the USA to prayfully consider flying out to partner with me on this presentation. Jason Baier of Fatherhood Forever has already agreed. Thus the sharing of his testimony in front of Jennifer will expose the male side of abortion pain, as well as his road to recovery.

So basically our part of the production, will be a filming in our beach-side home, of recovered post-ab women and men (probably some you know) sharing our stories through the camera. Yes, I'm sure some of our messages will end up on the cutting room floor... but if the episode generates dialogue, encourages a few people to ask for help... and makes abortion recovery more accessible... then our sticking our neck out will be worth it!

Note: I originally felt completely unworthy of this calling (until I talked to AnnMarie). I had questioned whether we, as the post-ab recovery community, should even be involved (until numerous people shared that this was maybe His plan - and I should trust him more)!

Have to admit though, I'm still begging God to SLAM the doors if we're mis-reading any of the opportunities presented to us thus far. I'm also praying that He'll cover us with a HUGE hedge of protection, as well as our families. Satan always loves to get me through my son Davis.

Please join me in prayer! And if you'd be willing to be filmed... call me: 949-679-9276!

Hugs in Christ,

Stacy Lynn Massey
Abortion Recovery International Network, President & Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery Counseling, Executive Director
5319 University Drive #252
Irvine, California 92612
Thank you, Stacy.

My perspective on this is that we can't ever expect to make much progress if we limit our work to arenas where we are able to control the message. There aren't very many such venues--and the public does discount messages (like TV ads) that they know are not spontaneous.

Sure, it's a risk to put yourself out in places where you can't control the outcome, and everyone who has ever agreed to sit down in front of a news camera is taking that risk.

I think it's a risk well worth taking.

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