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Thursday, March 9, 2006

The man did his job.

Four Roman Catholic hospitals in the state face being forced by law to dispense, against all the religious beliefs they stand for, Morning After Pills to anyone who wants them but the media is highlighting in particular rape/incest victims.

If they were Jewish hospitals objecting to the same coercion against their religion, the ADL and many wealthy people would be calling down the hounds on these lawmakers and the officials would be falling all over themselves trying to scuttle the bill.

If they were African Methodist Episcopal hospitals objecting, the lawmakers wouldn't even touch it in this blue state.

If they were Muslim hospitals, it never would have hit the state capitol chambers, never mind the media which today is (scroll down to CONNECTICUT) roasting the Connecticut State Victims' Advocate alive, unjustly, I believe with all my heart and soul.

James Papillo's actions to oppose the bill weren't about religion, and he did not act as a deacon in his church. He even had to say so. (When someone has to say so, it usually means they are defending an already-launched attack on that very point) Papillo acted fully and solely in his job description as Victims' Advocate by focusing on calling on the lawmakers to oppose the bill and by saying there wasn't any need for it because in his six years in the job, he
has never received a complaint from a rape victim who was denied the pill from a Catholic hospital. 'What’s being proposed here is a solution in search of a problem. Victims are not being denied services,' adding that Catholic hospitals refer victims to places where they can obtain the pills.
Papillo is exactly. dead. on. with his statements decrying anti-Catholic bigotry. Either "the line to cross" is the same for Catholics, Christians, Jews, and Muslims, or there is no line to be crossed. You simply. can't. have. it. both. ways. No matter how many pro-choice, pro-abortion experts they seek for outraged soundbites and media spin. NO MATTER HOW MANY.

Why am I so sure it's anti-Catholic bigotry? Why is Papillo so sure? Because the media doesn't even name the others in that "twenty percent [of state hospitals], including ... some non-Catholic emergency rooms" which also refuse to dispense the Morning After Pill.

Bravo, Papillo! Bravo and kudos and grace and prayers and support! I'm writing you a letter T O D A Y and calling. I urge all who truly "get" what just happened here and are outraged by it to write him a short note of support or call his office.

James Papillo
Office of the Victim Advocate
505 Hudson Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Telephone (860)550-6632
Toll Free (CT) 1-888-771-3126

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