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Friday, March 31, 2006

The OFFICIAL "Sibling" of After Abortion:

Abortion Pundit.

If you're looking for help and/or information specifically about, for and/or by women (and men) learning about and/or recovering from the emotional and sometimes physical aftermath of abortion, then it's here at After Abortion.

All political/legal/moral issues and any other kind of news, discussion or debate will be there at Abortion Pundit.

Abortion Pundit actually is more like the fraternal twin of After Abortion--not identical, but alike--except for the "born at the same time" part.

The original focus of After Abortion was and remains "the ministries, people, and events that deal with the negative emotional and spiritual aftermath of abortion."

We hope once again to provide a truly safe place here for our visitors--about one-third of whom, some 200-300 daily--who come here through searches like google to get useful information, to know that there are resources and others who have gone through the same difficulties, and to find hope for the future.

Feel free to confidentially write Emily or me, Annie, with any questions or things you'd like to share with us and/or our visitors about your own experiences with post-abortion regret and post-abortion emotional difficulties.

It's safe to be vulnerable here. Emily and I have tried to make sure of that for three years and counting, and now we hope to do even better at that..

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