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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Whaddya think, folks? Still must wait till I speak with Emily upon her return to decide if this is what she wants, but thought I'd solicit feedback in advance (i.e, it isn't official yet, folks).

All your responses in the combox below really touch me. It makes me think that there really has been some great value by example in increasing people's understanding and ability for compassion through the sturm und drang that has gone on here from time to time.

It reaffirms that this part of our community (the presently-most-vocal part?) is very much worth not disbanding or abandoning, so I think I can assure you all, Em and I will find a way (even if it isn't the idea above) to make it as easy as it has always been to get what some of you've told us you've been coming here to get.

I envision such posts on the second blog (oh, Lord help me, clone me, anything!), its homepage perhaps linked to high up in the sidebar of Aa for easy click-through, and when posts go up at Purposeful Dreamer, perhaps we'll do a one-line post link at Aa. It ought to be no more time or effort for our readers than when you click through on one of the "overflow" posts now, only perhaps easier to find.

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