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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

What a woman has to say who had an abortion in late February.

I was fine the rest of the day, not too crampy. I thought ok, its over with. The next day, I started crying uncontrollably to the point I was making myself sick. I have been doing this still. It is Monday night now. I am crying again. I saw the ultrasound. That is why I am crying. I saw that I killed something. I had a baby and I killed it. Whether I wanted to have a kid or not, I had one in me and I killed it. I was selfish. Millions of people would love to get pregnant. I was and I was selfish. I took away an innocent life in order to not ruin mine. I did ruin mine; I will think of this forever and I will never be able to forgive myself.
I pray for this young woman and I ask that you do also.

Now, to change the subject, you know those studies that do "the multiplier effect"? Like...a billion workhours are lost to mankind every year because of people who go to work when they have a cold, transmitting it to their fellow workers, causing even more sick people and work delays?

Let's say that 10% of women who had abortions in the first two months of 2006 are having a reaction like this young woman's.

Think about those women--I think there'd be about 20,000 of them (at 10%)--and the harmful impact that this profound level of depression and trauma is having not just on them, but on everyone who is in relationship with them. It's a public health issue, looked at that way, and is quite ignored, shoved off into the corner, and denied.

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