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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

According to the Yuba City (California) Appeal-Democrat, a local woman was chosen as 2006 Woman of the Year by her state assemblyman for her work with a non-profit pregnancy care center in Yuba City.

“I am so pleased to honor Vivian Hoffart as our 2006 Woman of the Year,” LaMalfa, R-Richvale, said in a statement. “She is an exceptional woman who has given so much to her community. An outstanding director of this nonprofit resource center and ministry for women and community volunteer, Vivian is a wonderful servant leader.”

Hoffart is the director of development for the center, which provides counseling and other services to women who have had an abortion or are considering alternatives to abortion.

Before she was hired by the center, Hoffart volunteered as a facilitator for the post-abortion recovery program made available by the organization to women who are struggling with the aftermath of undergoing an abortion.
Maria Shriver (California's first lady) spoke at the recognition ceremony in California's state capitol last month. It's nice to see that this kind of work is becoming more mainstream and more recognized.

We met my the mother of my son's girlfriend the other day and as we chatted, I realized that she had been told all about what my husband does...and nothing about what I do. Although my son appreciates what I do, I suspect he didn't want to share it with his girlfriend's mother because he thinks it sounds very odd.

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