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Monday, April 3, 2006

March 10-14, 2006 Zogby abortion poll: more Americans think women ought to be informed of abortion's risks beforehand:
55% agree "that a federal law or state laws should be enacted mandating that women be given counseling prior to an abortion that includes information on at least one of the following: the purported link between abortion and breast cancer, ...long-term mental health consequences for the woman and/or the availability of services and funding should the woman decide to carry the pregnancy to term."

8% aren't sure, 37% disagree.
(from Zogby/Associated Television News Poll Reveals: Abortion Tough Issue for Hillary Clinton & ’06 Congressional Democrats, PRNewswire, March 22, 2006)

"The survey, commissioned by Associated Television News and The O'Leary Report, included 30,117 respondents in the 48 contiguous states...It carries a margin of error of +/- 0.6 percentage points."

Over 30,000 people across the nation. That's a lot, for a poll.

(If anyone wants the political, legal, moral issues this poll covered, and discussion of same, please go to the separate discussion at Abortion Pundit.

Also, there are several new posts over there today...

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