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Monday, May 1, 2006

As they used to say in the early days of television, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, the originally scheduled program will not be seen tonight."

Annie here. Bad timing being what it is, I've reluctantly concluded I must take a real, serious hiatus from both blogs for an undetermined time. Personal, family issues loom and as it's been said, "Remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye."

Or sister's, as the case may be.

I wish I could say it was to devote time to writing a book, like our friend Dawn Eden, but it's clearly not glamorous like that.

Emily is possibly facing a new, different but similarly crucial demand on her time also, so we both could be scarce for a few months. Don't worry, I/we'll be back eventually (for me, maybe August? September?) and the two blogs again will be well worth daily visits.

In the interim, I guess we might consider some guest-blog posts, but these are also places we always recommend:

We will consider guest-blog posts, but these are also places we always recommend, also among those who've stayed active in their blogging (thank GOD someone could!):

Real Choice
The Dawn Patrol
Pro Life Blogs
The S.I.C.L.E. Cell
Abortion Hurts
Forest Nymph

And of course click to any of the other "BLOGS WE READ" in the sidebar of After Abortion or in the many categories in Abortion Pundit's sidebar. If you find a broken link, we'd appreciate an email letting us know. Thanks.

A bit of explanation: some probably recall I attempted a partial hiatus last year. It never worked. I'm not sure what the answer is, if it's really going cold-turkey or not, but too much else in my life gets the utter short shrift when I even try to do a little blogging. I lack the discipline, I guess, to do only a little. It's like trying to resist those old Lays potato chips.

NOTE: I'll always respond to emails from anyone in serious, personal need, but to all others, I probably won't have time. If someone's being nasty and/or egregious in the comboxes, please email me or Emily to alert us. Along with Emily, I'll try to check comments for moderation/deletion purposes only, but getting email alerts will be speedier. The minutes spent even commenting add up to time I just don't have. Since I've resigned myself to abstaining from both writing and reading blogs for these several months, I'll be pretty "ignorant" when I come back. Your patience, now and then, will be greatly appreciated!

Please keep Emily, me and our families in your prayers and/or thoughts. I am really going to miss everyone, but after praying about this, a lot, it's the only solution I see, for now.

Thanks--and great love--to all.

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