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Monday, May 8, 2006

The Yuba City Appeal-Democrat in California writes about a walk around the lake to raise money to help women:

It was just blood and tissue to a 17-year-old with a college scholarship and a successful life ahead of her.

Now, she knows regret.

Vivian Hoffart, 47, of Robbins, ended her unplanned pregnancy and went on to realize that successful life with a nagging discontent about the abortion.

She wishes she had been better informed at the time. Had A Woman's Friend Pregnancy Resource Center and Medical Clinic existed, she would know what she was in for; she might not have had an abortion.

The group - which raised more than $80,000 at its 18th annual walk around Ellis Lake in Marysville on Saturday - isn't out to villainize or manipulate women, Hoffart said.

“It's just that we believe life begins at conception. Every life is precious, including the mother's. We care about them, too. We aren't just trying to get babies born,” she said.

The money raised Saturday will pay for services offered by the group, including post-abortion counseling for both women and men having trouble dealing with their decisions.

“I believe that any woman who has an abortion is going to be affected in some way for the rest of her life,” Hoffart said.

A Woman's Friend is a local, grassroots, non-profit group that also offers free pregnancy testing, limited medical care, and maternity and baby clothes.

Jennifer Horton, 27, of Gridley, was one of more than 380 people to walk around the lake.

“The issue is near to my heart, so is helping mothers and unborn babies. I believe life begins at conception,” she said just before setting out with her stroller and family in tow.

A Woman's Friend members did not pass judgment or carry signs graphically depicting abortions - although those people were there.

Members and most supporters simply walked and enjoyed a sunny spring day in a small town with their families while passing tiny signs with photos of infants posted along the route that read “Pray for my future” and “Life is precious.”

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