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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"30 Days" Update

You've probably see the TV commercial by now. (I'll try to go back later and add links to our earlier posts from Stacy on this, right now, I'm "remote")

Our friend Stacy Massey of ARIN/ARC (see the link to ARIN in our sidebar at right) has sent us an update on the "30 Days" reality show, to air this Wednesday (TOMORROW): (you can write to Stacy at
Subject: FX Television show "30 Days - ProChoice / ProLife" - coming this week.

Okay ladies and gents, as most of you know the Abortion Recovery International Network was asked to participate in a television production this past April. After much thought and prayer, we went ahead with the filming. This Wednesday, August 23rd at 10pm on the FX cable channel, the episode we taped will be aired.

The documentary is based on Jennifer, a 27 year old woman from Georgia. She is post-abortive 7 years, works in an abortion clinic, is pro-choice and athiest. For the show (for which she was paid) she lived in a Christian maternity home, met with me to speak about abortion recovery issues, attended a Survivor Los Angeles training, did some sidewalk counseling and was supposed to meet with a panel of post-abortive women/men from A.R.I.N. as the last segment of her filming. As some of you are aware, she backed out at the last minute from meeting with A.R.I.N. affiliates. We filmed the segment without her, as the producer supposedly liked the abortion recovery aspect for the show.

NOTE: We have NO idea if they will include any of the portions we filmed, or if we've been cut out completely. We have no idea if the filming has been "left" as it was shot, or has been edited, tampered with, etc. And we've seen no pre-show as to what will air on Wednesday. If you're up to tuning in, please do so. We're in hopes that any women/men who might be triggered by this production will find the help, healing and hope they need!

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