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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Call for letters and poems to the unborn

The organization which supports Operation Outcry and postabortive women has put out this request.
We are asking for letters and poems from mothers, fathers, and others written to unborn children for a book to be published by The Justice Foundation (TJF). The primary focus will be letters and poems from mothers and fathers of babies lost to abortion, but some poems and letters from grandparents and others may be included.

The submission criteria and guidelines are as follows;
* Categories: Letters and Poems
* Length: 400 words. Longer letters may be considered.
* No more than two entries from each person for each category.
* Deadline for submission is October 20, 2006, although we would like to receive submissions as soon as possible so we can begin reviewing them.
* Include information about you, such as your personal story of how abortion affected you that includes your age when you had an abortion, how long ago it was.
* Include your contact information - name, address, telephone, and email address.
* State whether you want your name or only your initials used in the book.

The Process
* Please submit your entries via email to: Put "Letters & Poems" in the subject line.
* Each submission will be reviewed by a panel to determine if it should be included as submitted, not included, or returned to writer for clarification or changes so it can be included. The final decision for inclusion in the book will be made by The Justice Foundation.
* If any editing to your entry by The Justice Foundation is done, a final copy will be provided to you for your approval.
* If your entry is selected for the book, you will be notified and required to sign a release of rights for publication.
* The Justice Foundation will own the copyright for the book. No compensation will be provided to you for your entry. All proceeds from the books will support the work of TJF to end legal abortion.
* Authors will receive a free copy of the book once it is published and may purchase bulk copies at a reduced price.
* Once the book is published, media opportunities may be available. Whether you participate in interviews will be your choice.

We ask you to please forward this email to those you believe would be interested in participating in this important project.

We appreciate your interest in this effort and thank you for all you do to bring understanding to the tragedy of abortion.

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