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Thursday, August 24, 2006

WASH FOR LIFE, September 16, 2006:

2,000 car washes to be run by teens nationwide, raising a clean, collective $1 million to help CPCs help women in need.

What a cool idea! I urge all our readers to email this to everyone, especially teen youth groups and their directors.

A reader commented at this post recently, and added some good new news to pass along:
Great post, it is so true. I am so surprised at how many people do not understand the work done by the CPC's, and so many who do not know what they are. One way we are trying to combat this problem of misinformation is by our event this fall. Please tell you friends about the Wash for Life, - Wash for Life Team
This group will "help you get connected, hold your car wash, and change the culture."

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