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Monday, September 18, 2006

From our good friend Ann Marie of Silent No More Minnesota (click on photo to enlarge):
When I arrived at the Central Park with Ava and Colleen... I pulled up behind Angela's car. She had driven down to Red Wing to give a 3 minute testimony and she would then need to leave right away to get back to E., MN for a hour and a half drive...That, ladies and gentlemen, is truly dedication to this cause. Then the tears came...there in the park were volunteers everywhere setting up the sound system, wiping down the bleachers and tables... SNMM banner was up...It was so cool to not have to set up anything really...Ava and Colleen jumped in and set up the SNMM information table...all I had to do was take it all in and thank God for the many hands...

Angela asked if she should stand on the corner with her sign...then others started grabbing signs and soon every corner of the busy town square had one or two people standing on it.

We waited for the sound system to work...the city had not turned on the electricity for the outlet...they did however turn on the lights...but since it was such a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day we really didn't need the lights...(ok I am rubbing it in just a little, that the weather in Red Wing was perfect, same could not be said for the Twin Cities), really there was not a cloud in the sky and we basked in the sun during and after the event...

About eleven of us stood up front with our signs...sometime into the event five other people joined us holding signs...I ran out of "I regret my abortion" the others held "Women Need Love Not Abortion" signs...Emily, a young girl who lost a brother and sister to abortion also held one of these signs and stood with us...she later gave a powerful testimony right after her mother gave of the pictures I have attached is very powerful of those two standing together. Getting back to the I said I ran out and so whatever was left was up for grabs...I really don't know if Colleen knew she was holding a "I regret lost fatherhood" sign...but hey...anything for the cause...Right Colleen! LOL

The really great thing about this event...there were four speakers not from the Red Wing community...all the other speakers and those holding signs were from Red Wing and most were from one church. Their pastor, Pastor Tom gave the closing prayer and what a powerful prayer it was...He gets it, he really really gets it. He no longer is holding back from talking about abortion...Yea!

We will be back there next woman after the event was over said, "now that was liberating!!!" She had just recently went through the Forgiven and Set Free bible study and after 30 years of marriage told her husband of her abortion...

Silent No More MN will be holding its 5 annual state capitol event this Jan 20th...the Saturday before Jan. 22nd.
Ann Marie...

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