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Monday, September 25, 2006

Hope After Rape; Life After Rape: "The Face of the 'Rape Exception'"

Whether you have been a victim of rape, or the derogatorily-labeled "product of rape," you aren't alone.

Julie Makimaa, one of the latter, founded Sparrow Resources for herself and for you. It's
an organization dedicated to defending women who have become pregnant through sexual assault, and children conceived in rape or incest.
Julie just gave an emotional talk at the 2006 New York State Right To Life convention, along with our likewise-post-abortive friend Theresa Bonopartis of Lumina.

For newcomers, welcome. Also, please read about "who we are" at the above right link. It'll explain why we're not here to discuss activism or politics. Save that discussion for the sister blog, .

The most emotionally powerful presentations were the two personal witness talks by Julie Makimaa and Theresa Bonopartis. Julie spoke on "The Face of the 'Rape Exception'". Julie, adopted from birth, was reunited with her birth mother and learned that her mother had been raped as a teenager. Julie told with gentleness and firmness of faith the rarely-told story of a beautiful life that resulted from the unseemly violence of rape. She shared her and her family's personal journey, the celebration of the fullness of her life, and her first-hand view of the preciousness of every life. She confronted the "rape exception" with great dignity. She spoke of the decision for the birth of the child as a compassionate and healing experience for the victim of rape, as well as a too-rare life-gift for the innocent child of rape.

Julie Makimaa (pictured [at the above link]) gave a powerful personal talk on the rape exception. She is founder of Sparrow Resources, an organization dedicated to defending women who have become pregnant through sexual assault and children conceived in rape and incest. All politicians who struggle to understand the "no exceptions" position on this issue should contact Julie. The dialogue would be enlightening. [emphasis this author]
I'm not sure how to contact Julie, except to submit a general inquiry request at her speakers' bureau page.

This blog publishes a lengthy excerpt of the story of Julie's mother, and gives Julie's mom's own website, telling why she didn't choose abortion even though she went through the hell of being kicked out by her own mother who "told me to leave and just come back when it was all 'over.'" Apparently she published a book, The Missing Piece, still rather available used on Amazon, perhaps elsewhere.

You see, Julie and her mom Lee Ezell, for over 20 years, have been reunited. You simply have to read Julie's mom's story too, especially the part about what Julie's husband said when he learned she had been conceived in rape.

We just can't make this stuff up.

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