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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm writing Ellen Goodman (again), and I'm inviting our readers to consider emailing her as well in reply to her column on the young woman kidnapped by her parents to force her to have an abortion.

I invite all our readers to write Ellen Goodman another "mother lode of e-mails," if any of you yourselves personally have witnessed a forcing of abortion on any woman, whether or not the forcing was successful. For most effectiveness, we suggest CCing your email to Christine Chinlund, the Boston Globe's ombudsman, at as we did the first time our readers forced her to recant her false facts.

Or call her at (617) 929-3020. To leave a recorded message, call (617) 929-3022.

You could be a compassionate sidewalk counselor, a CPC worker, a friend, relative, girlfriend, boyfriend. You could be pro-choice, or pro-life. Maybe it even happened to you personally.

I'm specifically answering Goodman's accusation of Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, whom Goodman quoted as saying "that forced abortions are 'epidemic in scope...I have seen sobbing women dragged into abortion clinics by the neck and hair'" and whom Goodman implied was making this up:
[Sullenger] did not, of course, say who or when or where, since drama is best unencumbered by facts.
Drama, she complains? Drama is what keeps Ellen cashing paychecks. Goodman wrote that book.

Facts, she now wants? This is the same womyn who, when we forced her to recant a badly erroneous column, quoted Homer Simpson?
"Facts are meaningless; you can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true! Facts, schmacks."
Now she thinks facts would be a nice thing to have?

Hey, Ellen, news flash: you can't have it both ways. But if it's facts you want, then facts you shall have.

I'm telling her about the young 13 year old girl whom I personally saw being forced to go to the local abortion clinic by her mother, or perhaps an aunt. She was in abject, weeping, shaking hysteria over being forced to do this.

I'm telling Goodman that forcing a girl or woman to have an abortion doesn't have to involve duct tape, guns or kidnapping.

I'm asking Goodman where was her soapbox when actress Ellen Barkin said in the media that she'd "take her [daughter] kicking and screaming to have an abortion." Goodman was not-so-strangely mum about that.

I'm telling Goodman of the several other stories of forced abortion (links to back this all up are at this post):
  • Ma Weihua and others, by the Chinese government (as told by Amnesty International).
  • Sharon Osbourne, forced by her mother.
  • Arlin della Cruz, forced by escorts into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania abortion clinic.
  • Donna Santa Marie, by her parents, when 16 years old. Punched in the stomach by her father.
  • Girls and women, forced by grandmother, boyfriends, some even convicted, some lying, threatening and frightening the daylights out of their girlfriends if they don't have the abortions.
  • Coerced abortions in the Church of Scientology.
  • May 2004: U.S. Supreme Court Dockets Forced Abortion Case: "Eleventh Circuit Court rules that an expectant mother can be aborted by force if the abortionist argues that it is necessary to 'protect the health of the mother.'"
  • Garment workers on Saipan, by their employers.
  • Mexican women, after being trafficked into Florida’s prostitution industry.
  • North Korean women, by their government.
  • "Thirty to 60 percent of American women having abortions describe pressure from others as a key reason for having an abortion. Many report that they submit to unwanted abortions only because of abuse."
  • "Unwanted Abortions," a list including forced abortions in Tibet, China, Taiwan, East Turkistan, the U.S.

    You might also write Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope, as Emily did.

    If someone forced you to have an abortion, you need not let anyone know that you wrote Goodman, and you can demand anonymity should she ever be moved to write a response column.

    I seriously doubt she will, though. She never recants unless she's forced to by her ombudsman. And she thinks "facts" are only "facts" if they support her pro-abortion, pro-anything-goes world.

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