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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Pot Really Did Call The Kettle Black

This is a horrible happening, but also a story about people who blame others for wrongs that they themselves are guilty of.

Women, please, please, beware of abortion clinics posing as pro-life crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

At least three abortion clinics in New York have advertised themselves as "Abortion Alternatives" in vying for The Unmitigated Gall Award of the Century. They're now being sued to make them stop it.

We reported on the lengthy smear campaign by pro-choice folks against pro-life ones many, many times:
15 months ago here,
on the truth about EMC and the smear campaign against it, here,
on our Congressmen's bogus bill to smack down CPCs here and
on the Marie Claire call for women duped by CPCs here.

(Note how that Marie Claire article that was begun in February 2006 never seems to have found its way to daylight? I certainly can't find any evidence it ever was written and published. Readers?)

The uproar by abortion advocates--from high ranking elected officials to women's magazine editors--accusing CPCs of posing as abortion clinics, has been repeated and loud for over 15 months.

Actually, it's gone on much longer than 15 months: try at least 5 years. I find it telling that, after all this time and legal wrangling, NARAL and Democrat New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer of New York haven't succeeded yet in shutting down "the CPC movement."

Will we now see all the above get loud over "pro-choice" folks guilty of just what they accuse prolife folks of doing? Will we see any women's magazine's clarion call for women who were duped by the abortion clinics into thinking they were getting real substantial help to avoid abortion?

I'm not holding my breath.

HT: to an anonymous reader and Alexa at Forest Nymph

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