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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

"The Pink Kitchen Sink in the Livingroom" That TIME Still Ignores.

This was my second letter today, now over two weeks and at least two issues since the first, to TIME Magazine's John Huey, Editor-in-Chief, James Kelly, Managing Editor, Ann S. Moore, Chairman, CEO, Nora P. McAniff, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Richard Stengel, Managing Editor, Adi Ignatius, Executive Editor, Priscilla Painton, Executive Editor, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Sciences Editor, and Angela K. Thornton, Deputy Director, Research Center, to whom I wrote on November 20 about TIME's article "Ahead Of Their Time: How doctors are rethinking the growing problem of preterm births--by focusing on the moms, not the babies" by Coco Masters/ Lexington:
Judging from the two letters to the editor you did print on this article, while ignoring mine, then TIME Magazine disagrees "that we women have a right to know these risks up front."

I'm not surprised. In fact, it proves it's business as usual at TIME Magazine. And up it goes online, for our readers.

When I write Associated Press' Burl Osborne (Chairman), Tom Curley (President and CEO) and Kathleen Carroll (SVP/Executive Editor), I receive a personal email reply from Kathleen Carroll and subsequently end up being quoted in their article in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Without our even knowing him or asking him to do so, Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review reads what we write and discusses our impetus in forcing Ellen Goodman to print a first-ever retraction column, listing our link in his 2006 book "The Party Of Death" (p. 255, Chap. 3 Endnote #11, April 2006).

Honestly, how do you folks sleep at night? And do you honestly think you can help keep the American People so in the dark much longer?

Annie Banno, a post-abortive woman who later came to regret what I had done
Now, we'll see if my email to any or all of them today bounces back as "blocked." It appears that all of them went through the first time.

Stay tuned.

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