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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"...Help WCS save and change lives"

And not just the unborn ones, either. The women who get help from the likes of Woman's Choice Services avoid the "life after abortion," the "depression after abortion", the "suicide after abortion", the "trouble coping after abortion", for which this blog was named.

Regarding this, today, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007, at 7:30 PM, Bishop J. Peter Sartain will celebrate a special Pro-Life Mass with Bishop Roger Kaffer and priests of the Diocese of Joliet, IL. The Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady of Mercy Parish, at 701 S. Eola Rd, in Aurora. The parish church, located immediately next to Waubonsie Valley High, is just 1.5 miles from the new abortion facility.

Yes, that new abortion facility, the one we've all been hearing and reading about that Planned Parenthood even lied about to town aldermen in order to build it.

My cousin wrote alerting me to this wonderful group in DuPage County, IL, suburban Chicago. On the abortion recovery front, WCS runs an excellent new Catholic post-abortion bible study, the text of which recently received the imprimatur of their new bishop, the Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain.
If there's one CPC center to support in the US right now, I think this is the one: I know Peter Breen personally and he's a magnificent person-- he left a lucrative law career to start this. He's a true believer and an ND grad.

Note they were featured on Hannity's America and are the front-line crew in the fight against the abortion superclinic built in Auroura, IL.
From: Peter Breen Subject: Follow Up - Bp Sartain Pro-Life Mass this Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Fr. Dan spoke at the Aurora City Council meeting last night and was quoted in the Beacon-News this morning:
The second person to speak, the Rev. Dan Hoehn, parochial vicar at St. Mary Immaculate Church in Plainfield, told aldermen that he knows they will hear that Planned Parenthood officials are filling a demand for services in the community.

"There is a demand for pornography in Aurora. There is a demand for heroin. Just because a demand exists does not oblige the council," he said.
Last Friday's Candlelight Vigil at the Planned Parenthood-Aurora site was incredible. Fr. Dan Hoehn had printed up 200 prayer books for the vigil, figuring that would be more than enough for the attendees. Then, he got a call from someone bringing a carload from Gibson City. And, we both kept getting unexpected "we're going to be there, too!" messages. So Father printed up 100 more books. Thank heavens he did! The 400 people who came for the vigil barely fit on the parkway, stretching the length of the abortion facility. Now, thanks to cameraman Jeff Eschbach, a brief video of the event is available at Youtube. Make sure to check out for continuing details on the response to this new abortion facility.

This Candlelight Vigil was just one of the many commemorations of Life that day--all of these were testaments to the great dedication of the people of the Diocese of Joliet to the Culture of Life. If we didn't know it before, the faithful have proven that, when Bishop Sartain asks for support, the people of the diocese will answer strongly!

Nine clergymen led prayer at the vigil. In order of appearance, many thanks to Fr. John McGeean, St. Joseph, Manhattan; Fr. Hugh Fullmer, Our Lady of Mercy, Aurora; Fr. Gregor Gorsic, St. Andrew, Romeoville; Pastor Dale Hammond, First Presbyterian, Aurora; Deacon Roger Novak, Ss. Peter & Paul, Naperville; Deacon Bob Duncan, St. Ann, Channahon; Deacon Ken Kubica, St. Michael, Wheaton; and Deacon Phil Rehmer, Our Lady of Mercy, Aurora. Special thanks to Deacon Phil, who due to his strong voice, was selected to pray a few extra prayers. Please make sure to thank all of these wonderful holy men for their commitment to the Gospel of Life!

On Sunday night, Sean Hannity did a piece on the deceptive practices used by Planned Parenthood in building the Aurora facility--and on the cruel underside of the abortion "business," featuring our own Director of Post-Abortion Healing, Yvonne Florczak-Seeman. If you were unable to catch the segment, you can watch it at Youtube.

Let's fill the church for this Mass. Please make a special effort to attend, if you are able. There are very few occasions in our diocesan life where we are graced to have not one but two bishops celebrating Mass for us!
Yours in Christ,

PS--After the last email, someone replied to ask how they could donate online to help WCS save and change lives. We have a brand new system for this--you can securely donate now by clicking here or you can visit our website at and click the donation button there. Thank you!
Read why the planned Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood is about the lowest to which Planned Parenthood has ever stooped. Just google these two phrases "" and "Aurora" or read up here over the past week or two about it (around Aug.28, 2007 through Sep.11). Read also about all the PP's in Illinois who protect child rapists.

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