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Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday, I posted a comment to this article in my local newspaper, on the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Today, I was appalled to find that my comment had been deleted by the newspaper.

It had been there on this page, right after "nimrod's" third comment (#17). I had seen it appear yesterday.

Today, the comment from "bill" from Wolcott followed as #18, and mine was nowhere to be seen on that page at all, nor on subsequent pages of comments.

So I posted the comment again on this page and the Connecticut Post has removed the post again!!

This time, however, I started saving screenshots to show that the comment was indeed up there.

They are allowing some of my comments, but that original one they are striking from the record every time. I've just reposted it (in several pieces, see below) and will check tomorrow to see if those also are removed. I printed out that webpage with all my comments as of 11:10PM tonight. I have (and may soon post here) the screenshots--the "before" and "after censorship."

So my comments there now are #79, #80, #81, #82, #83, and #85 (the original, deleted ones constitute #81-83).

After a screen-refresh, I just discovered comment #84 by pwilson, which quotes a portion of my third-try comment now known as comment #81!
25 min ago
Annie Banno wrote:
Marilyn (mentioned in this article) and I have been friends for over 5 years now. The argument that they and those like them should "mind their own business" is rather hollow. It is morally abhorrent, to them, to me, to many people, depending on how the pollsters ask the poll questions, and so it is the business--of all--to stand up for "the common good." Remember, that is what this country was founded on: doing things for the common good. What happened to Ms. Santoro is hideous but it doesn't justify allowing the death of another even if it is unborn. There is something sadder than an abused, unwanted child: a child never allowed to live to make something of itself regardless of its being abused/unwanted. I myself was adopted. I'm glad my birth mom let another woman care for and raise me. And though abortion was illegal then, I know women old enough to be my grandmother who've cried on my shoulders when finally, safely able to unburden the pain from their own illegal abortions 40, 50 and 60 years ago.
The "counselors" inside abortion clinics and at Planned Parenthood don't do squat. I know: I went to them when I got pregnant as a college student here decades ago. I wasn't given any real counseling. I was given the abortion clinic's #. I was terrified my life was over, and that was all I could see or think.
It took me two decades to stop denying what I'd done, and to finally seek forgiveness and to begin the recovery from my abortion. When I could, I stood out on those sidewalks with Marilyn and her friends and I talked with the women and girls (yes, some of them weren't older than 14 or 15) going in for abortions. In a compassionate, pleading voice, which is the same voice Marilyn and her friends use, I told the women I just wanted so very badly to help them avoid the life of pain and regret I can never outlive.
I know not all women regret their abortions, and not all regret them right away. But far too many do, and have to do so silently because of hateful or hurtful comments like "give it up's".
(this is part of my deleted original comment)
God bless you.
The ct post can not ignore this now. I have copied every word. Time and date. If they erase this, there is no freedom of speech.
I know the pain and guilt you feel and please remember, you are forgiven when you admit your mistake and help others not do the same. " Some " people choose to ignore the fact that Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, has come out in public and now is against abortion stating she made a terrible mistake. She started a ministry called ROE NO MORE.
And now pwilson has quoted my #85 comment in comment #86:

5 min ago
Annie Banno wrote:
To the people at the CONNECTICUT POST who have seen fit to delete my comments on this thread not once but multiple times (and may continue to do so when I check back here tomorrow):
Show me where I have violated any single part of the Terms of Service to warrant removal of my comment(s). I have the right to be shown why you think anything I wrote was objectionable. I have read the ToS and I know that the facts I presented (including from the federal government, Planned Parenthood and other published, vetted sources) are valid and legitimate. I know that my comments and opinions other than facts did not violate any of the ToS either. I will be publicizing all the details on my own website for those who would like to know the truth--and see your censorship and limitation of my right to free speech--for themselves.
I can be contacted at AfterAbortionBlog [[ at ]] yahoo [[dot]] com.
Know also that if this unwarranted censorship goes unremedied, that I will pursue satisfactory resolution.

Witness this day.
Thanks so much, pwilson.

For those who wish to be respectful, you are welcome to comment over there on this newspaper's blatant refusal to allow my right to free speech.

The reposted, edited comment follows in three pieces. Though the original was very long, it did not exceed the 4,000 character limit designated as the maximum by the website:
  1. comment #81, REPOSTED a third time 10:39 PM Monday January 21, 2008, was quoted by pwilson above.

  2. Comment #82: SilentNoMoreAwareness dot org and RachelsVineyard dot org (delete the word dot and the extra spaces and put in a period) are two national groups confidentially helping women (and some men) who regret their involvement in abortion. RV has helped over 30,000 women by now, and it keeps growing every year.

    If you think I'm talking tiny numbers, they're not. In a study done in 2000, 78% of National Abortion Rights Action League's membership was female, while 63% of National Right to Life Committee's was female. 32% of NARAL's women members admitted having had an abortion. Only 3% of NRLC women had had an abortion. NARAL had a total membership of 156,000; NRLC, 12 million. 32% of 78% of 156,000 gives 39,000 such members, while 3% of 63% of 12 million yields 226,800 women who have had abortions.

    226,800 post-abortive women in NRLC. 39,000 in NARAL. SIX TIMES MORE WOMEN WHO BECAME ACTIVE PUBLICLY REGRET THEIR ABORTIONS. [this is from the book, Achieving Peace In The Abortion War: Predictions on Possible Social Impacts of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Cognitive Dissonance as Structural Stressors, by Rachel MacNair, Ph.D.]. I gave the link for this in the original comment and maybe that’s why it’s getting deleted: too many URLs.
    above was reposted as of 10:43 pm
  3. Comment #83: I'll never have a daughter now, because of my weakness and despair in my 20s. And for those who agree that it's horrid what happened to Ms. Santoro (which I do), let me ask you to visit this website and tell me why the newspapers don't wring their hands over ALL the women who die from abortions, NOT JUST the illegal ones: google “Cemetery of Choice” (since this site seems to hate it when I put links in comments)

    There are too many women memorialized there after dying from LEGAL abortions.

    When those who favor abortion to any degree are as "up in arms" about those who die from the legal ones as the illegal ones, then it will carry some weight. Until then, the outrage is hollow, for unless one is also showing the same, persistent, never-ending outrage and action against legal abortions killing women, one is just protecting abortion for its own sake.

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